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St. Maximilian Kolbe—Martyr

The video "St. Maximilian Kolbe—Martyr," by The Story of Liberty, available on YouTube (4:52), presents this saint to the students in a way that brings his sacrifice to life. Best with Chapter Project.


St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

The video "St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross," available on YouTube (7:13), is an engaging short film on the life of this saint. It would tie well to the "People of Faith" segment at the end of the chapter. It is best used with the optional chapter project.


When the Saints Go Marchin’ In

The song/video "When the Saints Go Marchin’ In," by The Weavers, available on YouTube (2:39) with lyrics, is best used on day 4.


St. Rose Philippine Duchesne

The video "St. Rose Philippine Duchesne," by apostleshipofprayer, available on YouTube (2:00), introduces Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne. It is best used on day 4.


St. John Neumann

The video "St. John Neumann," by apostleshipofprayer, available on YouTube (2:01), introduces Saint John Neumann. It is best used on day 4.


Discovering Our Saints—St. Katharine Drexel

The video "Discovering Our Saints—St. Katharine Drexel," by CCTNtv, available on YouTube (2:20), introduces Saint Katharine Drexel. It is best used on day 4.


Discovering Our Saints—St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

The video "Discovering Our Saints—St. Elizabeth Ann Seton," by CCTNtv, available on YouTube (3:17), introduces Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. It is best used on day 4.


St. Francis Xavier

The video "St. Francis Xavier," by apostleshipofprayer, available on YouTube (2:00), documents the life, travels, and missionary spirit of Saint Francis Xavier. It is best used on day 4.


St. Thomas More

The video "St. Thomas More," by catholicnewsagency, available on YouTube (2:01), shows the strong Catholic faith of Saint Thomas More and how he stood up to King Henry VIII instead of recognizing the Church of England. It is best used on day 3.


Catholic History in Less than Five Minutes: (4) The Early Church Fathers

The video "Catholic History in Less than Five Minutes: (4) The Early Church Fathers," by Pat McNamara, is available on YouTube (4:47). It is best used on day 1.


Come Worship the Lord

The song/video "Come Worship the Lord," by John Michael Talbot, is available on YouTube (7:58). Point out that this song is based on Psalm 95. Commentary includes an explanation of the liturgy as a dance, with gestures. You may want to try following the instructions for the gestures. It is best used on day 3.


I Lift Up My Soul

The song/video "I Lift Up My Soul," by Tim Manion and the Saint Louis Jesuits, available on YouTube (3:00) with lyrics, shows views of Catholic liturgy and prayer as well as natural scenes. It is best used on days 1 or 2.


The Kingdom of God

The song/video "The Kingdom of God," like many Taizé songs, is available on YouTube (4:15) and is a meditative chant that would work well as an introduction to chant and an opening prayer. It is appropriate for use on day 4.


Discovering God in Creation

This PowerPoint accompanies Unit 2, Chapter 4, by discussing the revelation of God through creation, prayer, and the saints.


Mary, Our Mother

This PowerPoint looks at the faith and love of Mary, our mother.

Saint Tarasius of Constantinople (c.730-806)

Saint Tarasius of Constantinople was given the high honor of acting as consul and secretary of state to Emperor Constantine IV and his mother, Empress Irene. Although he held positions of prestige and power, he led the simple life of …

Saint Peter Damian (1007-1072)

Saint Peter Damian was very young when he was orphaned and sent to live with his brother. However, his brother mistreated him so badly that he went to live with his other brother, Damian, who was a priest in Ravenna, …

Saint Conrad of Piacenza (c.1290-1351)

Saint Conrad of Piacenza was born into a noble family and married the daughter of a nobleman. One day, while Conrad was out on a hunting trip, he ordered his guides to set fire to a pile of brush in …

Saint Flavian of Constantinople (d.449)

Saint Flavian was the patriarch of Constantinople around the year 446. He received harsh treatment from the imperial court when he declined to bribe Emperor Theodosius II to keep his position, and made Theodosius's sister a deaconess against the emperor's …

Saint Alexis Falconieri (1200-1310)

Saint Alexis Falconieri was one of the seven founders of the Servants of Mary, or Servite Order. Alexis and six friends joined the Confraternity of the Blessed Virgin in 1225. As they were assembled on the Feast of the Assumption …

Saint Onesimus (1st century)

Saint Onesimus was the slave of two Colossian Christians, Saints Philemon and Apphia. While enslaved, Onesimus committed a crime and escaped punishment from his masters by running away to Rome. While in Rome, he met Saint Paul, who baptized him …

Saint Claude la Colombière (1641-1682)

Saint Claude la Colombière heard God's call early on to join religious life. He joined the Jesuits, and was educated in Lyons, France, at a Jesuit college. Claude had a special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Sacred …

Saint Catherine de Ricci (1522-1590)

Saint Catherine de Ricci exhibited a great love of prayer and a deep devotion to Jesus from a very young age. When she was six years old, her father allowed her to join the convent of Monticelli in Florence, where …

Saint Julian the Hospitaller (unknown)

Saint Julian the Hospitaller married a wealthy widow. While hunting in the woods, a deer predicted that Julian would kill his parents. Greatly troubled by this premonition, Julian and his wife moved far away from his family. One day, while …