Saint Theodora of Alexandria (d.491)

for September 11

Saint Theodora was from Alexandria, Egypt, and found herself in a life of sin. However, upon realizing her sinful ways, she repented. After her atonement, she spent the rest of her life as a hermit in southern Egypt, disguised as a man. During her time in the hermitage, she lived out her penitence through abstinence and mortifications. It was not known to others that she was a women until her death.

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After committing adultery, Saint Theodora disguised herself as a man in order to enter a monastery and devote herself entirely to prayer and repentance. She highlights the importance of reconciling with God after we have done wrong. God is willing to forgive and accept us, regardless of the sins and wrongs of which we are guilty. Take time to think of your sins and ask God to forgive you for them.


Dear Jesus, please help me to see the ways in which I have wronged you and others. Help me to feel remorse and help to ensure that I no longer treat you, myself, and others poorly.