Saint Mary's Press® Bible Grant Program

Saint Mary’s Press Bible Grant Program is made available by Saint Mary’s Press based on a percentage of annual sales.

Since 2000, Saint Mary's Press has donated Catholic Youth Bibles® to inner-city and rural disadvantaged Catholic high schools and ministries and youth under 18 years of age in detention centers throughout the United States.

We now have available:

  • The Catholic Youth Bible, 4th Edition, NABRE, paper
  • Breakthrough! The Bible for Young Catholics, NABRE, paper
  • The Catholic Children's Bible, Revised Edition, paper
  • Discover the Saints

Schools and parishes may request up to a total of 24 Bibles per year, all the same or mixed.

To donate funds to this program or to receive more information on Saint Mary's Press Bible Grant Program for inner-city and rural disadvantaged Catholic young people (18 years of age or younger), contact Connie Jensen at (800) 533-8095.

(Sorry, we cannot ship outside of the United States.)

To apply for a grant, complete this application form.