Saint Pacifico of San Severino (1653-1721)

for September 24

Saint Pacifico was born into a well-off family in San Severino, Italy. He was ordained, taught philosophy, and became an accomplished preacher. Pacifico was a severe man. He fasted at all times, wore a penitential shirt made of iron, and was known for his extreme virtues of poverty and obedience. Saint Pacifico caught an illness that left him deaf, blind and crippled. He offered his suffering up for the conversion of sinners, and cured many of the ailing people who came to him for help. Saint Pacifico of San Severino was canonized in 1839.

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Saint Pacifico lived an extraordinarily exacting lifestyle. He chose poverty, wore a painful and annoying shirt, and even accepted gladly his deafness and blindness. He truly believed that, through suffering, one grows closer to God. Think of the many times in your life that you have suffered. Think of how you might be suffering right now. Imagine how these have the potential to lead you to more fully understanding and growing in relationship with God.


Dear God, please help me to recognize that even my sufferings are an opportunity to grow closer to you and allow you to comfort me. Please be with me as I suffer.