Saint Hilaria (d.304)

for August 12

Saint Hilaria and her daughter, Saint Afra, hid their bishop from harm during the Diocletian persecutions. In turn, their bishop converted them. Saint Afra was martyred because she refused to sacrifice to pagan gods. After her daughter was martyred, Hilaria and her friends went to bury her daughter's remains. However, Hilaria and her friends were captured by authorities, and were also commanded to sacrifice to pagan gods. All the women refused and were subsequently martyred.

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Saint Hilaria was willing to sacrifice all--her possessions, her freedom, even her very life--for Jesus and her faith in him. Take a minute to think about what you would be willing to give up for Jesus.


Dear Jesus, help me to dedicate my life to you with the same passion and courage that Saint Hilaria exemplified.