Saint Peter Orseolo (928-987)

for January 10

Saint Peter Orseolo was born into a wealthy family. He married and he and his wife had a son. Peter served as admiral and commander of the Venetian navy before being appointed doge of Venice. This position was one of power and prestige, and Peter used his power to do good works. These good works included building hospitals and orphanages, renovating the Cathedral of Saint Mark, and establishing public programs to aid widows, pilgrims, and the abandoned. Under the cover of darkness on September 1, 978, Peter left his wife and son to join a Benedictine abbey. He didn't tell his family about his plan and they wondered for a long time where he had gone. When his wife eventually learned where her husband was, she approved of his decision. Saint Peter Orseolo built a hermitage and spent the rest of his life enveloped in solitude and prayer.

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Saint Peter Orseolo used his prestigious and powerful position as doge of Venice to do good works. He worked hard to minister to those who were sick, orphaned, widowed, and abandoned. He also made sure that people had a safe place to worship and share their faith. Even though Saint Peter Orseolo was doing many good works, he felt called to a new vocation. Ask the Lord to help you minister and care for others as Saint Peter Orseolo did, and to be as supportive and caring of others' vocational paths as his wife was.


God, our Creator, help me to know you better and to appreciate that your love never is out of date. Challenge and support me as I assist in the work of building your Kingdom on earth. (Taken from “Take Ten: Daily Bible Reflections for Teens.”)