Saint Guy of Anderlecht (950-1012)

for September 12

Saint Guy of Anderlecht was born into a poor family in Belgium. Even though the family had little material wealth, they had great spiritual wealth. Guy's parents were very pious, and taught him their faith. Saint Guy believed that God's call for him was to be poor, and he often took time to minister to the poor and sick. It is said that when Guy worked tilling the fields, an angel would take over for him so that he could spend time in prayer. Saint Guy spent a lot of time at his local church, and eventually was made parish sacristan. Guy's acceptance of God's call to poverty was shaken when a merchant partnered with him in a get-rich-quick scheme. When their business venture failed, Guy took it as a sign that God wanted him to continue living his life of humble poverty. As a penance for his greed in the business venture, he made a pilgrimage on foot to Rome, and then to Jerusalem. Guy of Anderlecht is the patron saint of bachelors, laborers, sacristans, and work horses.

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Greed is a particularly rampant vice in our culture. We are often concerned with money, and how we can get more of it. We are experiencing unprecedented levels of income disparities, as some people grow richer and richer, while most others grow poorer and poorer. Saint Guy of Anderlecht reminds us of our responsibilities as Christians. Not only are we called to live in solidarity with the poor, but we are also called to care for and minister to those less fortunate. How can you help someone less fortunate? It need not be financial help. Maybe someone just needs a friend or someone to talk to. Or, maybe you need help. If so, know that God is with you and loves you deeply.


Ask God to show you ways that you can improve the lives of people struggling around you.