Saint Peter Martinez (d.1000)

for September 10

Saint Peter Martinez was born in Galicia, Spain. He began his religious life as a Benedictine monk at the Monastery of Saint Mary of Monzonzo in around 950. In 986, he was appointed the archbishop of Saint Martin of Antealares in Compostela. Peter played an important role in the Spanish Reconquista, which drove the Moors out of Spain. Saint Peter Martinez is also credited as one of the composers of the hymn Salve Regina.

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Saint Peter Martinez, a composer, reminds us of the importance of art in connecting with the divine. Through art--music, literature, painting, etc.--we can see the hand of God and experience a small taste of the wonders and truths that await us in heaven. Take a moment to appreciate some of your favorite art. Try to see holiness in it.


Dear God, help me to appreciate your influence in all things.