Saint Cloud (522-560)

for September 7

Saint Cloud was born into French royalty, his father the king of the Franks. When the king was killed in battle, his kingdom was divided up among his four young sons. Once one of Cloud's brothers was killed in battle, the kingdom became divided up between only three brothers. This made one of the brothers greedy, and together with his uncle he planned to kill the other brothers and divide the kingdom between the two of them. Cloud was the only brother who escaped, and made no attempt to gain back his share of the kingdom. After his brothers' murder, Cloud put himself under the instruction of Saint Severinus and became a hermit. When his hermitage became popular among pilgrims, Cloud moved to Paris, where he built a monastery, which later became known as Saint Cloud. The town that developed around the monastery eventually took on the name of Saint Cloud as well. Saint Cloud is the patron saint of nail-makers and the Diocese of Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

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Saint Cloud suffered a nearly unimaginable injustice at the hands of one of his brothers. This likely caused him great fear and pain. Despite this exacting event, Saint Cloud recognized that which was truly important--God--and looked past his previous sufferings in order to embrace his faith. Saint Cloud is a strong example for us. His life teaches that, no matter what harm may befall us, we can always find solace and hope in God.


Dear God, help me to recognize that, regardless of what happens or has happened in my life, you are with me and are waiting to comfort and love me.