Diversity Equity and Inclusion Statement

What DEI means to us (Vision)
Respect for and honoring diversity and inclusion is the source of our connection to each other and the communities we serve. We embrace and dedicate ourselves to the promotion of equal and equitable inclusion and advancement of all persons.

Why it matters to us
The very foundation of our Lasallian heritage is one that holds sacred respect for the dignity of all persons, the freedom of the human person, equal and inalienable rights. This is the foundation upon which we build our commitment to always do what is best for young people, in content and approach, and all those we serve.

Our strength lies in our people and our success depends on being able to recruit, develop and retain talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and abilities. We encourage and foster an inclusive culture of authenticity, creativity, and innovation in our service toward helping young people and those committed to their well-being.

How we approach DEI (working strategies)
We are strengthened by our employees’ distinct identities, perspectives, experiences, and value bringing one’s whole self to share with each other, guide and shape the work that we do and how we do it.

We nurture employee awareness and exploration of greater inclusion of diverse populations, especially those that are underrepresented or marginalized in any way, through company educational experiences organized by an employee driven team. We encourage and support continuous learning, especially learning that helps us identify and shed conscious and unconscious bias toward diverse communities and persons.

We set intentional strategies and actions to recruit for diversity and set specific goals for interviewing and hiring an inclusive workforce, ideally at least 30 percent of new hires from diverse communities by 2025.

We offer BIPOC fellowship funding to provide opportunities, experience, and mentorship.

We seek to work with diverse and inclusive population vendors and suppliers in our procurement of goods and services. We screen vendors and suppliers to insure they also embrace diversity, equity and inclusion practices and demonstrate a commitment to these communities as part of their company practices and statements.

We work to promote businesses owned by diverse individuals or groups with like-minded missions of service to young people’s human and spiritual development.

We recognize that our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is never “done” and that this commitment is dynamic and constantly evolving. We continuously seek avenues to advance our understandings.