Saint Gertrude (1256-1301)

for November 16

Saint Gertrude was born at Eisleben, Saxony, in 1256. She was entrusted to the care of Benedictine nuns at the age of five. When she grew up, she became a Benedictine nun herself, and was elected abbess of the monastery at Helfta. Gertrude received a very good education, and was very creative and poetic. Her most accomplished mystical writing is "The Messenger of Divine Loving-Kindness." Gertrude was rebellious for her time, and adapted the writings of Scripture to be more applicable to her female audience. For instance, instead of the prodigal son, she referred to the prodigal daughter. Gertrude had a great devotion to the Sacred Humanity of Our Lord in His Passion and in the Blessed Eucharist. She also had a strong love for the Blessed Virgin Mary. Saint Gertrude is the patron saint of the West Indies.

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One of our greatest gifts from God is our creativity. Saint Gertrude was a very creative person, and expressed her creativity through her poetry, writing, and unique adaptations of Scripture. Ask God to help you use your creativity to better his Kingdom.


Come, Holy Spirit, and fill me with understanding and patience so that I can be creative at bringing peace wherever I find conflict. (Taken from “Take Ten: Daily Bible Reflections for Teens.”)