Saint Sabas (439-532)

for December 5

Saint Sabas was left in the care of his aunt and uncle as a child. His aunt treated him so wickedly that he ran away to live with another uncle when he was only eight years old. These two uncles got into a bitter dispute over who was entitled to the money from Sabas's estates. The constant fighting was too much for young Sabas, and he sought refuge in a nearby monastery. When he was 18 years old, he left the monastery to learn more about living a life devoted to solitude. At first, he was told that he was too young to live life as a hermit. As he grew older, he was allowed to spend more of his time in solitude and prayer. Sabas was an inspiration to many, and soon gained a large number of followers. He was hesitantly convinced by a bishop to become a priest so he could better serve his monastery. Sabas still felt called to life in a hermitage, and often left his followers for a few days of complete prayerful solitude. He spread the Good News throughout Palestine, and brought many back to the Church.

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At times, we may have disagreements or harsh words with our family members. We may not treat one another as we should, and it can hurt every family member, especially the youngest members. Ask the Lord to help you remember that, even if you are in a hurtful family situation, God always loves you as part of his family.


Loving God, thank you for loving me as part of your family. Help me to always be aware of your love for me. (Taken from “Good News Day by Day: Bible Reflections for Teens.”)