Saint Gildas the Wise (c.500-570)

for January 29

Saint Gildas the Wise was cared for and educated at a monastery. He became friends with many exceptional men who would one day become saints, and he excelled in the classroom. Gildas became a monk, and moved to Ireland to continue his education and give his life more fully to God. He evangelized, established churches and monasteries, and has many miracles credited to him. He wrote many works geared toward monks, urging them to strive to achieve holy lifestyles. Gildas was called to return to England to preach the Good News in the north, and continued this ministry for the rest of his life.

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Saint Gildas the Wise gave his life fully over to God, and made his life a sign of the Lord's presence by evangelizing, establishing holy places, and encouraging his fellow monks to live holy lifestyles. How do you make your life a sign of God's presence? How do you respond to the things that the Lord challenges you to do?


Dear Jesus, empower me to respond to the things you challenge me to do in my life. Give me courage to be a sign of your presence. (Taken from “Take Ten: Daily Bible Reflections for Teens.”)