Saint Radbod (d.918)

for November 29

Saint Radbod lived a very quiet and holy life. He was the grandson of the last pagan king of the Frisions in the Netherlands. Radbod was raised and educated by his uncle, the bishop of Cologne. He became the bishop of Utrecht, Holland, and entered the Benedictines. Radbod discovered that his association with the influential Benedictines was helpful in governing his diocese. He was very concerned with the welfare of the poor, and a very intelligent writer and poet. Saint Radbod was forced to leave his diocese when the Danes invaded, and lived his last years in exile in Deventer, France.

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Being in a position of leadership gives someone great power and influence. Saint Radbod used his position of leadership as bishop of Utrecht and his association with the Benedictines to govern his diocese and improve the lives of the poor. Who are you a leader to in your life? Are you using your position of leadership to improve the lives of others and spread the Word of God? Spend a few quiet minutes with the Lord. Ask him to always help you exercise true Christian leadership.


Dear Jesus, help me to exercise true Christian leadership. Assist me in making my life one that reflects your values and inspires others to follow you. (Taken from “Take Ten: Daily Bible Reflections for Teens.”)