Saint John the Almoner (d.619)

for January 23

Saint John's early life is one that many of us can relate to. He married, became a father, and lived a normal life with his family. Sadly, disease took his wife and child. After this tragedy, John felt called to a new vocation. He entered religious life and became archbishop of Alexandria in Egypt. He became known as the "almoner," or "almsgiver," because of the care and kindness that he showed to the poor. In fact, John was such a strong advocate for the poor that he spoke on their behalf when the governor planned a new tax that would treat them unfairly. John also helped evacuees who fled from Persian attacks on the Holy Land. John predicted the date of his own death, and his prediction came true when he passed away on November 11. Saint John the Almoner is the patron saint of the Knights Hospitaller.

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Saint John knew how important it was to treat the poor with kindness and dignity. Do you treat the poor this way? Are you an advocate for the poor? Ask for the Lord's help to become more giving with your time to serve others.


God present in the poor, help us to realize that serving the needs of others is something all of us are called to do. Let us be generous in giving to others. Let us give not only of our surplus but also of our time and energy. (Taken from “Good News Day by Day: Bible Reflections for Teens.”)