Saint Fabian (d.250)

for January 20

Saint Fabian was a farmer near Rome who traveled into the city one day as the clergy and townspeople were getting ready to elect a new pope. Tradition tells us that when Fabian arrived to watch the election a dove flew into the city and landed on his head. Astounded, the clergy and townsfolk took this as a sign from God, and unanimously chose Fabian to be their new pope. Fabian's holiness and purity guided his reign. He served his people for 14 years before he was martyred during the persecution of Decius.

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Sometimes the Lord surprises us with the plans that he has for us. Saint Fabian must have been very surprised with God's plan for him when he was chosen as the next pope. Even though this appointment was not expected, Saint Fabian lived out his vocation guided by holiness and purity. Spend some quiet time with the Lord. Ask him to give you the faith and courage needed to live out what he is calling you to do.


Dear Jesus, empower me to respond to the things you challenge me to do in my life. Give me courage to be a sign of your presence. (Taken from “Take Ten: Daily Bible Reflections for Teens.”)