High School

Called to Mercy
Understanding Racism
Stations of the Cross

Called to Mercy: Confirming Young People for a Mission of Witness
Echo the Story Package
The Catholic Youth Bible® ‒ Second International Edition (NRSV)
Seasons of Faith

Religious and Ethical Perspectives for the Twenty-First Century
Be Yourself: A Journal for Catholic Girls
Echo the Story
Echo the Story

Echo the Story
The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth (paperback)
The Catholic Faith Handbook Catechist Guide
The Catholic Youth Prayer Book

Teaching Activities Manual for The Catholic Youth Prayer Book
Catholicism 101
The African American Catholic Youth Bible®
Minutes of Grace

Virtual Meditations
Anointed in the Spirit Sponsor Booklet (Ungidos con el Espiritu Cuadernillo para padrinos)
Anointed in the Spirit Candidate Handbook
Anointed in the Spirit Catechist Guide