Living Justice and Peace



Empower students to explore the intersection of justice, peace, and faith with Living Justice and Peace, an accessible and poignant introduction to Catholic Social Teaching that touches the vital issues impacting young people's lives today.

Relevant. Relatable. Real.

Teens are looking for ways to make a difference in the world. The issues that Living Justice and Peace teaches about aren't hypothetical: they're real and relevant to the lives of young people everywhere. This course will immerse students in the Church’s social teachings in the pursuit of justice and the common good. By studying Scripture and Catholic Social Teaching alongside examples of real people living social justice in the world, Living Justice and Peace invites students to deepen their relationships with God and others.

Impact made easy

This semester-long course has everything you need to hit the ground running and bring the material to life. The textbook is beautifully designed and made to be engaging and enlightening, bringing difficult topics and social justice issues to the forefront of discussion with care and compassion. Students will love that they have the opportunity to make a difference, and they’ll be inspired to act for justice in their own lives. Plus, they’ll be able to contemplate the specific ways in which they themselves can work for justice and peace in the world around them.

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Publisher: Saint Mary's Press

Copyright: Jan. 16, 2023

Length: 352 pages

ISBN: 978-1-64121-181-9

ISBN-10: 1-64121-181-4

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