Because Water Is Life

Catholic Social Teaching Confronts Earth's Water Crises 

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Climate change. Pollution. Scarcity. Fracking. Privatization. Acidification. What can Catholicism’s “best-kept secret”—the social doctrine of the church—teach us about Earth’s water crisis?

In fact, it can teach us a lot.

Gary Chamberlain’s Because Water Is Life: Catholic Social Teaching Confronts Earth’s Water Crises explores the major issues we face when it comes to water by analyzing them through the lens of Catholic social teaching (CST). After introducing the principles of CST, Because Water Is Life explores narratives about real people and scenarios to unpack six contemporary water crises. With review and discussion questions and recommendations for additional research and reading, Because Water Is Life not only encourages critical thinking on some of today’s most pressing issues but also catalyzes action and inspires hope for developing a new water ethic.

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Publisher: Anselm Academic

Copyright: Aug. 1, 2018

Size: 5.375 x 8.25

Length: 188 pages

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ISBN-10: 9-7815998-2-9

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