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On the USCCB Conformity List for Sacramental Prep

Embark on a mission of mercy. Called to Mercy’s revolutionary approach to Confirmation preparation draws young people into the wonder, beauty, and mystery of the Holy Spirit and prepares them for their future of faith by combining deep theological exploration with meaningful relationships and connection. 

This program connects faith and life for young people. Each section consists of two parts: the online module and the gathered session. In each online module, teens explore the Sacrament of Confirmation itself, how the faith they receive can impact the world around them, and how they can live out their mission of mercy, empowered by the Holy Spirit. 

After each module (completed as the young people have time), a gathered session brings young people and leaders together to go deeper. Rich theology is made easy to explore for teens, drawing them deeper through learning experiences that are fun and meaningful and that encourage connection to others. Service to others is a key part of this program and isn’t limited to just a one-day required experience; rather, each gathered session prepares young people to focus on serving every moment of every day. 

Called to Mercy fosters an environment of belonging and honors young people wherever they are on their faith journey. This Confirmation student course impacts the hearts of teens so that they can impact the world! 

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