Jesus Christ and the New Testament

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By Alan J. Talley



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How powerful the word of God is to touch hearts.

- St. John Baptist de la Salle

"Live Jesus in Our Hearts" is a prayer said daily by Lasallians all over the world. Our new high school religion curriculum reflects this prayer, and our mission—that every young person would invite Jesus’ presence into their hearts. We sought to begin answering the needs of today’s youth, in a generation where the spiritual and religious landscape has shifted dramatically.

Jesus Christ and the New Testament is the second semester course in the new high school series Live Jesus in Our Hearts. This series takes a fresh approach to the Framework outline, bringing in new themes such as in-depth use of scripture, extensive online resources, and an invitational, evangelizing approach.

Jesus Christ and the New Testament is a New Testament overview that includes all the required Framework content related to Jesus Christ. Used with Revelation and the Old Testament, you can now teach an overview of the Bible in freshman year using a Framework approved curriculum!

Plus, help students connect using:

  • Short stories about young people that relate a teaching or belief to a young person’s lived experience.
  • Focus questions introduce each unit in the voice of a teen, guiding students in focusing on what they might learn; units end with an image of a real student and his or her reflections on the unit focus question, inviting the students to check their own understanding.
  • A Unit Highlights section that uses graphic organizers to visually represent the key concepts from each chapter
  • “Hmmm” questions at the end of each article that encourage students to think critically about Christian beliefs.
  • A full page visual feature at the end of each chapter that engages students to reflect on the chapter content in a unique way.

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