The Paschal Mystery and the Gospels Teacher Guide

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We know that teaching and working with today's youth is a calling, a blessing, and sometimes a challenge. Live Jesus in Our Hearts was created to begin answering the needs of today’s youth, in a generation where the spiritual and religious landscape has shifted dramatically. 

To help you in your work with young people, this new Teacher Guide centers on the important understandings and essential questions covered in each chapter and unit of the student text.

Product Details

Publisher: Saint Mary's Press

Copyright: Jan. 31, 2020

Format: Spiral

Item number: 1267

ISBN: 978-1-64121-026-3

ISBN-10: 1-64121-026-5

Special Feature

The Teacher Guide’s features will help you quickly and efficiently plan lessons and assess student learning. Some highlights:

  • Teacher guide units align seamlessly with the chapters and units in The Paschal Mystery and the Gospels Student Book, making the connections between teacher guide and student materials effortless and clear. 
  • Each unit begins with a two-page summary that provides a quick overview of the key knowledge and concepts presented in the unit.
  • Unit vocabulary is identified and divided into terms for mastery, terms mastered in previous learning, and terms that are introduced for mastery in later units or courses.
  • Each unit provides eight or more learning experiences you can use to help students expand their knowledge and grow in their understanding of key unit concepts. 
  • Pre-assessments, chapter quizzes, final performance tasks, and unit tests provide a variety of ways for you to assess student mastery of the unit content and concepts.
  • Thumbnail images of student book pages, quizzes, tests, handouts, and PowerPoints are provided in the margins so you can quickly identify the specific resources available for each learning experience.

Used with the online course resources, this teacher guide will be your invaluable teaching assistant!

Customer Reviews

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By Joshua Powers, Oradell, NJ

l cannot say enough about depth and content of the Live Jesus in Our Hearts Series. These are the best High School texts available on the market. The content is engaging and challenging for students which is great at the High School level. As a Religion Educator in my 24th year of teaching my journey has and continues to be with Saint Mary's Press as the go to for our curriculum



By Brittany, Arizona

It is AMAZING! The student texts are easy to read, relatable, and reaches students where they are at. The vocabulary terms are clearly defined and the main concepts from each unit are in line with the Bishop's objectives. The teacher's manual is OUTSTANDING. Being able to download and manipulate the presentations, quizzes, tests, and worksheets saves teachers an immense amount of time and the activities are fun, academic, and promote faith growth. SMP will always be my number one choice for high school texts. Thank you for allowing me to teach minds and touch young hearts through your materials!


By Roger, MN

I find it a great foundation on which to build a theology course. The textbook is attractive and readable, while remaining faithful to the Church and providing a solid theology to students. The use of Scripture connects students to the Christian tradition that is both rich and life-giving.


By Marie, DE

We are currently using “Revelation & the OT” for the first time this year. We are thrilled with how approachable it is by such a wide range of levels. It is such a refreshing text. The perspectives offered give students an opportunity engage theologically deep topics in a developmentally appropriate way. Thank you!


By Gail, AZ

So happy with these texts: My students are engaged, apply the reading to their life, and are able to comprehend the Catholic Faith more easily with the glossary, PowerPoints, Quizlets, and reading questions that follow each chapter. KUDOS!
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The Paschal Mystery and the Gospels: Student Book