Called to Mercy

Confirming Young People for a Mission of Witness 

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Reimagine the way teens prepare for Confirmation!

On the USCCB Conformity List for Sacramental Prep

Called to Mercy, a new Confirmation preparation program, invites and draws young people into the Lord's most powerful message: to give witness to mercy with their lives! 

Online learning modules and gathered community-building sessions offer engaging, relevant, and deeply reflective opportunities for a true spiritual conversion to lives that give witness to Jesus' call and the Church's mission of mercy.

Let's start a revolution!

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Special Feature

Help sponsors become more connected to their candidates!

In the Called to Mercy Sponsor Experience, sponsors immerse themselves in the same journey as their candidate, and together, they experience Christ’s Call to live out Mercy in their lives.

Questions, polls, and guide dialogue are addressed to the sponsor, as they reflect on answering the call to mercy in their own lives. All sponsors are put into one course so they can see each sponsor’s responses.

Each module in the Confirmation Sponsor Experience ends with Conversation Starter Questions for the sponsor and candidate to discuss. Sponsors then meet with their candidates regularly during Confirmation preparation to strengthen their relationship, reflect on their learnings, and discuss how to apply it in daily life.

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Customer Reviews

Perfect Curriculum for Our Busy Teens and Families!


By AMD, Massachusetts

2022-2023 was the first year we used this curriculum in our parishes for our second year Confirmation students. It was perfect! The tech-based approach with limited (but engaging and purposeful) in-person gatherings was just what our parishes needed after the chaos of the pandemic. We will definitely be using this curriculum again and encourage other parishes who may be struggling to re-engage their high school youth after the pandemic to do the same.

Call to Mercy


By Paula J. Voborsky, OFS, St. Margaret-St. John/St. Anthony

I am very impressed with what I have seen about the Call to Mercy program and look forward to using it this fall.

The program is a godsend


By Ann LaBeck

I initially wanted to offer this program at our parish because everyone seems to be so terribly over-scheduled. This program was a good option to allow people to prepare for Confirmation on their own time and schedule. Now that we dealing with a global pandemic, and people are stuck at home, the program is a godsend.

Very easy to switch to virtual


By Katie Franchini

We were using Called to Mercy prior to COVID, and it was very easy to switch everything to virtual because we already had an online component that the youth were familiar with. We are continuing our same program this year.
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Called to Mercy: Confirming Young People for a Mission of Witness: Director's Manual


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Called to Mercy: Confirming Young People for a Mission of Witness: Sponsor Course


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