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A Religious Education or Pre-Confirmation program that starts with the heart.  

We know that catechesis is not simply parroting words, but is meant to create disciples ready to live out their faith, every day. In this belief, we created Live it! Change the World with Everyday Faith, a religious education program that is not only strong in content but also leads to a conversion of the heart.

Live It! Change the World with Everyday Faith features 25 ready-to-go sessions designed by master catechists. These lessons can be used for a pre-confirmation program or to vary your religious education. The focus is truly holistic—with active, real-life learning, community building, and an inter-weaving of Scripture with Tradition in a conversational way. It truly invites teens to explore their faith in a meaningful way. 

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Copyright: Jan. 7, 2019

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ISBN: 978-1-59982-963-0

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Special Feature
Live It! is an “everything is done for you” guide for your volunteer catechists. It empowers everyone on your team to effectively lead and relate to teens, with minimal prep time. Pre-built digital presentations (accessible on all devices via Microsoft Sway) walk catechists through each lesson step-by-step, and contain everything they’ll need to lead sessions, but most importantly–to connect meaningfully with teens. 

This Catechist Guide will be your roadmap.

Simply add a Catholic Youth Bible® and Catholic Faith Handbook for each teen, and you will be ready to turn abstract faith concepts into a tangible reality for your teens going through faith formation or preparing for Confirmation!

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