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Catholicism 102


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Catholicism 102 invites tweens and teens to ponder the journey of life, using the Creed as a roadmap, where we seek to answer the questions “Who am I? and Who is God? This journey comes with a road map to a life of true happiness, as they encounter God and others along the way.   

First, young people begin on their own, using online lesson modules.  

Thirteen follow-up sessions are designed to help teachers and catechists get to know them and build community. The sessions empower engagement: the connection between the concepts of faith and how they’re lived is meaningful and purposeful. Teachers and catechists will enjoy a lively discussion with the young people in a safe and welcoming environment.   

All follow-up sessions are flexible for video calls or in-person gatherings! 

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If you loved Catholicism 101, you’re going to love Catholicism 102! 


**Catholicism 102 is an eLearning course based in a secure, browser-based online learning environment. The course can be accessed on any device connected to Wi-Fi.


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