Catholic Teen Life

Called to Mercy
Called to Mercy: Confirming Young People for a Mission of Witness
Going, Going, Gone
Be Yourself: A Journal for Catholic Girls

The Catholic Youth Bible®
Catholic and College Bound
Faith Talk
Environmental Justice

The Catholic Youth Prayer Book
My Dear Young Friends:
Bring Forth Hope
9th Grade Survival Guide

More Than a Game
Looking Past the Sky
Life Can Be a Wild Ride
What I Wish I Had Known About Becoming a Teenager

Minutes of Grace
By My Side
Everyday Justice
Good News, Day by Day

Take Ten
Day by Day with People of the Bible
Walking with the Word
Mountains of the Moon

Waking Up Bees
More Dreams Alive
Dreams Alive
Hey, God! What Now?

Living the Questions Jesus Asks
Better Than Natural and Other Stories
Growing Up Girl
Listen for a Whisper

I Know Things Now
Finding Hope
Every Step of the Way

She Said . . . He Said . . .
My Wish List and Other Stories
That First Kiss and Other Stories
Meeting Frankenstein and Other Stories

Keys to Happiness
Helping Kids in Crisis
John Paul II, We Love You!
Turn into the Wind

Teen to Teen
Teens and Morality
Teens and Relationships
Teens and Society

Teens and the Future
Teens and Spirituality
Teens Speak on Family Matters
Parent-Teen Relationships

Teens and Parents
Teen Life and Christ
Ministry Resources for Youth Leadership Development
Ministry Resources for Community Life

Ministry Resources for Pastoral Care
Ministry Resources for Evangelization
Total Youth Ministry Package
Learning to Communicate

Affirming Their Faith, Dispelling Old Myths
The Challenge of Discipleship
The Power of Discernment

Believing in a Media Culture
Taking Charge:
Moving On
Death, Grief, and Christian Hope

Dating and Love
Growing in Wisdom, Age, and Grace
Being Catholic
Understanding Myself

Becoming Friends
Growing Up Sexually
Seeking Justice

Deciding as a Christian
Straight from the Heart and Other Stories
Finding Your Personal Style

Life-Giving Relationships
Making Decisions
Senior Year:
Sacred Gifts

Keeping a Journal
Taking Time Together
Life Works and Faith Fits
One-Day Retreats for Junior High Youth

One-Day Retreats for Senior High Youth
The Covenant Retreat
Seasonal Retreats and Prayer Services for Young Adolescents
Pathways of Hope and Faith Among Hispanic Teens

Community-Building Ideas for Ministry with Young Teens
Hands-on Ideas for Ministry with Young Teens