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That First Kiss and Other Stories

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By Lisa-Marie Calderone-Stewart and Ed Kunzman


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That First Kiss and Other Stories is connected to part 1 of the Catechism,"The Profession of Faith."

These 13 stories correspond to sections of the Apostles' Creed. The characters in this collection of stories experience wonder and struggle, hurt and forgiveness, failure and success, and tears and laughter. You will enjoy them as wonderful stories about the joys and struggles of growing. And if you wish, they can serve as a starting point for searching out your own answers about life, God, and faith.

Product details

Copyright: Jan. 1, 1998

Format: Paperback

Size: 4.125 x 7.125

Length: 96 pages

ISBN: 978-0-88489-589-3

ISBN-10: 0-88489-589-0

Customer reviews

By Emily M., age 13

I loved That First Kiss and Other Stories. It had very real stories and it was a heartfelt book. This book teaches you lessons about life. I highly recommend this book and hope that you will get as much out of it as I did.