Total Youth Ministry Package

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This set of six manuals provides resources for applying the wisdom of Renewing the Vision and addressing all eight components of youth ministry in your parish. Each manual has an accompanying digital download containing its electronic version, customizable handouts, and theme-related links. The catechetical piece of the initiative begins with these foundational resources, along with the student resources, and is completed and addressed specifically in the special series, Total Catechesis.

Manuals in the Total Youth Ministry Package include:

  • Ministry Resources for Community Life
  • Ministry Resources for Evangelization
  • Ministry Resource for Justice and Service
  • Ministry Resources for Pastoral Care
  • Ministry Resources for Prayer and Worship
  • Ministry Resources for Youth Leadership Development 

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You might also find the Total Faith Initiative Coordinator's Manual (not included in the package) to be a helpful tool. 

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Copyright: Jan. 1, 2004

Format: Paper with CD

Item number: PKG2400

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By Becky Link, youth minister and director of RCIA, Saint Mary's Catholic Church, Bethel, Ohio

You Did It! Finally a program that's comprehensive and a pleasure to teach. I've tried several other programs but none to compare with what you have!
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