The Covenant Retreat

Leader's Guide 

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Edited by Steven McGlaun


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The Covenant Retreat affirms that each of us is called into a covenant with God. Through this retreat experience, high school seniors begin to identify their unique relationship with God, as an individual and as part of the larger Church.

The leader's guide includes material to help teachers and leaders bring the experience into the classroom for weeks before and after the retreat. Leaders will find detailed directions for implementing the retreat; lesson plans, prayers, and handouts; material to help use the student component, Answering God's Call to Covenant, after the retreat; and suggested models for liturgical celebrations to bring the retreat to a close. It also includes suggestions on how to celebrate the retreat with the entire school through graduation and other activities.

Answering God's Call to Covenant helps older adolescents consider where they want to go in life before they encounter the crossroads of young adulthood. Students address seven key questions and write their own covenant statements, which will help guide them through life's many challenges. The student text also helps seniors reflect, pray, and discern on their own after graduation.

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Copyright: Jan. 1, 2005

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