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March 24, 2014

Vocations: Answering God's Call

by Ben Wolinsky with Olive Branch United 

Vocations is all about the role of the commoner in Christianity. The first vocation is where Mary Magdalene is told to go out and tell the people that Jesus has risen. This might not seem like a major step, but keep in mind that women in those days a woman’s testimony was rarely accepted in court. In the event where a witness was required, a woman would not be admitted. Perhaps this is the start of the Christian doctrine, in that it did not discriminate between men and women.

The next chapters deal with the ways in which we honor the Lord in our everyday life, through obedience to Christ’s teaching and ethical behavior. One of the best things about this book is its persuasiveness to young people, through the use of contemporary illustration. Rather than showing the idealized stereotypes, it uses stock photos of people in current fashions, so that teenage readers will think they’re reading about themselves.

As with most books from Saint Mary’s Press, I found Vocations to be a very enjoyable read.