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July 12, 2013

The Catholic Children’s Bible by Saint Mary's Press -Review by Gidget Bookworms

Gidget Bookworms

Let the children come to me and do not stop them, because the Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” ~ Matthew 19:14

The Catholic Children’s Bible is a great Bible for younger kids that are not ready for the teen bible their older siblings might have. I would say this bible is perfect for ages birth through 5th grade. The #1 thing that is so wonderful about The Catholic Children’s Bible is it’s just like the teen and family Catholic Bible! As my 7 year old said “This is just like the teen Bible my sister has!”

The Catholic Children’s Bible is set up to teach your kids how to find important stories and Bible passages in the Bible at a young age. Your children will be able to learn this important skill that will help them when they get older. Your child (and family if you read from this Bible aloud) will be hearing the Bible stories straight from the Bible. This Bible is written for the child in mind. Yes, there are hard words in this Bible still. However, it is easy to understand, and the text is larger than most Bibles.

It features 125 Bible stories that are featured and has a table of contents to locate it quickly. The stories are short and simple, with bright illustrations for each. The Catholic Children’s Bible also features: Understand It! Live It! and Tell It!

  • Understand It! sidebars help explain the story to help the child understand it better.
  • Live It! sidebars help the child understand how the story relates to their life today.
  • Tell It! sidebars help the child retell the story in their words.

It is suggested to start with the stories in The Catholic Children’s Bible to help kids understand the Bible. Afterwards you can venture into reading certain passages aloud to your child, or have your child read certain passages. When the time comes for that this Bible includes a page with a visual example for your child. Reading this will help make it easy for children to look up a Bible passage.

We have really enjoyed The Catholic Children’s Bible very much and love that this Bible is perfect for the younger Catholic child. I love that it is bright and colorful just like bible story books, but a full Catholic Bible that will grow with your child. For the youngest child make it a daily routine to look through the Bible and read the 125 Bible stories over and over. As your child grows they will be ready to read the Bible by themselves. As a family you can look up and read Bible passages.

This 2000 page Bible is packed full with everything your child needs to really dive into the Catholic faith. All 72 books of the Catholic Bible, 125 bible stories with in those books, appendix, Bible pictures (Jerusalem, places of worship, pictures from Bible lands, pictures from Jesus’ Life), Bible timeline, Bible lands in the Old Testament times, Bible lands in the New Testament times, Catholic practices (The Golden Rule, The Ten Commandments, The Beatitudes, The Holy Days of Obligation, The Precepts of the Church, Corporal works of Mercy, Spiritual works of Mercy), Catholic Prayers ( Our Father, Sign of the Cross, Glory Be, Hail Mary, Angel of God, Grace before Meals, Grace after Meals, The Apostles Creed, Act of Contrition, A Prayer for Jesus, Act of Faith, Act of Hope, Act of Love, Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi), A visual page on praying the Rosary along with the Mysteries of the rosary (the rosary is my youngest's favorite. She loves the prayer and loves the rosary) and as if that wasn’t enough the last page has Bible passages you can look up for special times.

The Catholic Children’s Bible would be a great First Communion gift, or even as a Baptism/or new baby gift. While this Bible was made with the older elementary in mind, don’t let that stop you from using it with your toddler, preschooler or kindergartener. It’s never too early to show your child the Bible and read from the Bible.

Thank you, Saint Mary’s Press, for publishing an amazing Catholic Children’s Bible. We have enjoyed it so much and use it on a daily basis. Thank you very much for allowing me to review it!