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August 16, 2012

Who is Jesus Christ?

Who Is Jesus Christ? A Primary Source Reader provides a collection of readings that complement course II in the U.S. bishops' high school curriculum framework.  Working with these primary source readings will help students gain a deeper understanding of who Jesus Christ is and his significance for their lives.
The readings are correlated with the four part of course II outlined in the framework:

    God and Revelation
    Jesus Christ’s Revelation about God
    The Mystery of the Incarnation
    Jesus Christ Teaches Us about Ourselves

The readings are accompanied by introductions, reflection questions, definitions and sidebars that offer background information.  Who Is Jesus Christ? A Primary Source Reader is the perfect resource to supplement any course on Jesus Christ.

Midwest Book Review, October 2012

Who is Jesus of Nazareth and what did he stand for? “Who is Jesus Christ?: A Primary Source Reader” discusses the many purposes and notes of the Christian faith as the writings of many major thinkers of today and history are compiled to grant a more complete view of the figure of Christ and what it should mean to his followers. Figures include Mother Theresa, Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI, classical thinkers, and much more. An insightful and scholarly religious discussion, "Who is Jesus Christ?” is a top pick, very much recommended reading.

Maura Thompson Hagarty

Maura Thompson Hagarty, PhD, is managing editor of Anselm Academic, the college division of Saint Mary’s Press. She previously served as staff theologian and development editor at Saint Mary’s Press. She holds a master’s degree in pastoral ministry from Loyola University of Chicago and a PhD in religious education from the Catholic University of America. Before joining Saint Mary’s Press, she spent many years in parish ministry, serving as youth minister and director of religious education.

Robert Feduccia

Robert Feduccia, Jr. was the founding director of the Youth Liturgical Leadership Program at Saint Meinrad School of Theology and was also the general manager for Spirit & Song, the contemporary music division of OCP (Oregon Catholic Press). Robert combines his unique set of experiences as a parish youth minister, retreat leader, and keynote presenter with his graduate degree in theology, and is able to express spiritual depth in way that is relevant to the real concerns people face today.