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August 21, 2013

The Catholic Children's Bible by Saint Mary's Press-Review by Equipping Catholic Families

by Monica McConkey with EquippingCatholicFamilies.com 

Recently released by St Mary’s Press, The Catholic Children’s Bible is a treasure! It’s packed with good-sized print, colorful, kid-friendly illustrations, color-coded sections and tabs and interesting introductions to books of the Bible.

There are 125 specially featured Bible stories, packed with extra illustrations, explanations, ways to “live it!” and an opportunity to re- “tell it!” for deeper understanding.

Extra notes, Bible pictures, Bible Time Line, Maps, Catholic Practices and Catholic Prayers are included in the back, as well as critical Bible references for times when you really need them.

In addition to a healthy explanation of the format of the Bible in books, chapters and verses, The Catholic Children’s Bible sports colorful embedded tabs to articulate the various Books of the Bible, (visible from the side of the book) and a continuous bar of color at the bottom of the page showing the organization of these books into sections.

The imprimatur is included for the text of the articles and introductions, as well as for the text  of the Good News Translation, Catholic Edition.

The Catholic Children’s Bible is another awesome Catholic product that I discovered at the National Catholic Education Association conference last week.  They graciously gave me the new Bible to review on Equipping Catholic Families.

And yes! St Mary’s Press not only shipped my Bible to me up in Canada in record time, they also provided me with an impressive media kit, complete with information about the App and an iTunes card to cover the first couple installations.

I purchased the Catholic Children’s Bible App for $3.99 and my almost 7 year old Bridget has enjoyed using it. She has studied all 10 of the Bible stories in the App…reading them and summarizing them in her own words and she has conquered the little activities for each section.

She eagerly awaits the next installation of the App…what I understand to be the next in a series of collections of Bible stories and related activities for the iPad.

While the iPad app requires an impressive 1.11 GB of space….it was worth the maneuvering of apps and pictures on my iPad to install it…at least for a while! 

The Catholic Children’s Bible will however have a permanent home in our family room…for easy access and maximum usage!

The Catholic Children’s Bible is a beautifully printed, 2000 color page book, designed for children in grade 2, 3 and 4, making it an EXCELLENT First Holy Communion gift for your child, niece or nephew, grandchild or Godchild!

I think The Catholic Children’s Bible will easily become our kids’ favorite Bible to refer to….many years after grade 4! I have no doubt that this Catholic Bible will be a wonderful resource for our whole family, enticing us to read it out loud, not only at Christmas….or our Seder Supper on Holy Thursday….but all year long!

The Catholic Children’s Bible is available at your local bookstore or at Saint Mary’s Press or by calling 1-800-533-8095.