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January 29, 2019

Singer-Towns Takes On New Role After Storied Career at Saint Mary’s Press

Following nearly 23 years of leadership in the editorial team of Saint Mary’s Press, Brian Singer-Towns is stepping down as Director of Content Engagement to assume leadership of multiple special projects.

Singer-Towns joined Saint Mary’s Press in 1996 after serving in parish and diocesan leadership. During his editorial tenure, he has written and edited 37 major works, including large curriculum projects and Bibles, most notably best-sellers, including The Catholic Youth Bible, published in multiple languages around the world, and The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth. His publications have sold more than 2.5-million copies. 

Singer-Towns served as a senior editor for 18 years before becoming the Director of Content Engagement in 2014. On January 1, 2019 Singer-Towns began his transition toward retirement by assuming an important leadership role helping Saint Mary’s Press advance multiple special projects that will benefit from his expertise.  

“There are few editors in Catholic publishing who have had as significant an impact on catechetical publishing as Brian,” according to John Vitek, President and CEO of Saint Mary’s Press. “His passion for communicating the Gospel in accessible and meaningful ways for young people is extraordinary. Brian’s contribution to advancing biblical literacy among youth is immeasurable,” Vitek adds. “His work will have an impact on the lives of many people long into the future.” 

Saint Mary’s Press is an expression of the Lasallian mission to provide a human and Christian education of young people, especially the poor. Founded in 1943, Saint Mary’s Press is the leading Catholic publisher of catechetical resources and specialty youth Bibles in the US and internationally.