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January 15, 2018


WINONA, MINN. (January 10, 2017) – The leading Catholic publisher, Saint Mary’s Press is  celebrating its 75th year in 2018  by launching an entirely new edition of its flagship Bible. The NEW Catholic Youth Bible allows teens to connect their lives to the Bible in an interactive, creative way and offers exercises and challenges to help them live out faith in their daily lives.

“For 75 years, Saint Mary’s Press has made it their mission to reach the hearts and minds of our Catholic youth by publishing relevant, engaging, and innovative educational materials,” said John Vitek, president and CEO of Saint Mary’s Press. “When we released twenty years ago it was the first time a publisher had ever created a Bible for Catholic youth. We created a whole new category of Bible publishing that had never existed before. There’s no better way to celebrate this anniversary than to get our new Catholic Youth Bible into the hands and hearts of a new generation of kids.”

The Catholic Youth Bible includes ten new sections, helping readers make connections between their lives, Scripture, and Catholic beliefs and traditions. The new Bible’s improved design encourages teens to share their reflections in the many white spaces provided in the Bible for creative use. In addition, color-coded tabs, maps, charts, and time lines add valuable information extraordinary visual appeal.

“Our goal with this Bible was to make it relevant for a new generation of youth by making it an interactive experience and by engaging teens to make it their own Bible,” said Vitek. “We included the voice and writing of young people in the creation of this Bible and heard time and time again that they wanted something they could make their own and something to also help them take on the challenge of contributing to the good of the world, especially through acts of justice and social engagement.”

The new Catholic Youth Bible features more than eighty challenges to inspire and call readers to apply the messages of the Scripture in their daily lives. Inspired by young people, the challenges include such topics as Searching for God, Growing in Faith, Who Is My Neighbor?, Catholic Connection, Scripture Highlight, and many more. A visually oriented generation will particularly enjoy the Bible’s full-color design.


Features and Benefits:

  • Relevant: Each section of the Bible now includes an introduction offering important background information and summaries. The new sections include:                                                                                                        

    • How is This Relevant in My Life Today?
    • Catholic Connection
    • Did You Know?
    • Searching for God
    • Growing in Faith
    • Who is My Neighbor?
    • Being Catholic
    • Explore the Bible
    • When I’m Feeling . . .
    • Glossary


  • Interactive: Updated navigation and personalization features make it easy to reference, study, and reflect. New features include:
    • Color tabs and color banding within each tab for easy navigation
    • Extra margin space and additional white space for reader inputs


  • Visual: New eye-catching charts, graphs, and other graphic elements enhance understanding and visual storytelling . These features include:
    • Maps
    • Connecting the Bible Charts
    • Gospel Comparison Charts
    • Liturgical Calendar
    • Time line of Important Events


To order the new Bible, go to www.smp.org or call 800-533-8095.


About Saint Mary’s Press

Saint Mary’s Press is a nonprofit publishing partner to Catholic schools, parishes, and families providing human and Christian educational resources for youth. Founded in 1943 by the De La Salle Christian Brothers, Saint Mary’s Press is committed to touching young people’s hearts and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ in an engaging way that is relevant to pre-K to 12th-grade students.


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