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Scripture & Tradition

Gospel Connections for Teens-Cycle C
Beyond the Written Word
Understanding the Bible
Jesus in the Gospels and Acts, New Edition

Gospel Connections for Teens-Cycle A
Hey, God! What Now?
World Religions in Dialogue
Ready-to-Go Scripture Skits

Jesus the Christ
Saint Mary's Press® Essential Guide to Biblical Life and Times
Turn into the Wind
Good News! Card Game

Revelation and Sacred Scripture
Understanding Jesus, Revised Edition
Women in Ministry and the Writings of Paul
Walking with the Word

Scripture Sessions on the New Testament (Participant Workbook)
A Guide for Writing about Theology and Religion
Ready-to-Go Scripture Skits . . . That Teach Serious Stuff
Scripture Sessions on the Old Testament (Participant Workbook)

Marriage and Family
Scripture-Based Retreats for Teens Ages 10-19
Who Is Jesus Christ?
Genesis, Evolution, and the Search for a Reasoned Faith