Women in Ministry and the Writings of Paul

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By Karen M. Elliott, CPPS


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Take a Look at the Role of Women in Early Christian Communities and the Writings of Paul

Christian tradition has generally used a patriarchal lens through which to view the emerging Church, a lens that privileges male leaders while minimizing the role of bold and fervent women in proclaiming the Gospel message and ministering to God's people. Karen M. Elliott challenges this view, providing solid evidence for women's important and vibrant role in the life of Christian communities. Particularly, she examines the writings of Paul to identify in Church history women engaged as fellow missionaries and affirmed as energetic and valuable contributors to the spread of Christianity.

In her discussions on the contribution of women in Church ministry from the second century to the present, Elliott closely examines the life, times, and writings of the Apostle Paul. Elliott offers compelling insights into the person of Paul by considering his religion, philosophy, and influence, as well as his theology of baptism, in an effort to establish a Church legacy that includes a strong ministerial role for women.

Through writing that is intimate and thought-provoking, Elliott produces an engaging and easy-to-read text for college students—regardless of their religious background or belief—that establishes and affirms women as ministers in the life of the Church.

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