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Youth Ministry


Total Youth Ministry

This set of six manuals provides resources for applying the wisdom of Renewing the Vision and addressing all eight components of youth ministry in your parish. Each manual has an accompanying CD containing its electronic version, customizable handouts, and theme-related links. The catechetical piece of the initiative begins with these foundational resources, along with the student resources, and is completed and addressed specifically in the Total Catechesis manuals.

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Creative Resources for Youth Ministry

Teens always learn more when fun is involved. The Creative Resources for Youth Ministry series includes three books that offer youth ministers and religious educators hundreds of engaging and practical ideas for youth ministry events such as retreats, field days, group meetings, lock-ins, summer camps, and service projects. The books are adapted from materials published by Youth Specialties, a leading nondenominational publisher of youth ministry resources.

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HELP Series

Our HELP (Heads-up, Easy, Low-Cost, Purposeful) series complements your Catholic youth ministry program by forging positive relationships between young teens, their families and their communities.

The seven-book series includes more than 200 field-tested ideas for activities and retreats that catechists, teachers, youth ministers, and other adult leaders can use to help young Catholic teens grow in faith.

Give your teens the opportunity to learn about themselves, serve their communities, and communicate with God.

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I Met God Today:
Be Yourself: A Journal for Catholic Girls
Catholicism 102
The State of Young People & Religion 2021: Catholic Edition

The Vision of Catholic Youth Ministry
Minutes of Grace
Youth Ministry and Parents
Catholic Youth Ministry

Thriving in Youth Ministry
Ready-to-Go Game Shows
Effective Practices for Dynamic Youth Ministry
Opening and Closing Prayers for the Liturgical Year

Positively Dangerous
Sharing Sunday Scriptures with Youth: Cycle B
Passing On the Faith, Second Edition
Be a Champion of Youth

No Meeting Required
Living and Loving Our Catholic Faith
Growing Teen Disciples
Teen to Teen

FaithSharing for Teens
By My Side
Take Ten
Everyday Justice