Ready-to-Go Game Shows

Essential Catholic Beliefs Edition 

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By Michael Theisen and Paula Minell


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NEW!  Immediately grab young people’s attention with engaging and entertaining game shows that not only keep them involved but also build their knowledge of Catholicism. These new and updated shows are the perfect way to introduce or review topics and themes such as Revelation and Scripture, the life of Jesus, morality, and others.

The games, which have been field-tested with real teens, are easy to present, use ordinary household materials, and take only a few minutes to set up.  Complete instructions for these games are included:

  • Who Wants to Be a Disciple?
  • Faithful Feud
  • Disciple Jeopardy
  • Sacred Scramble
  • The Real Fortune
  • 10,000-Shekel Pyramid
  • Holy Pursuit
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Publisher: Saint Mary's Press

Copyright: July 17, 2014

Format: Spiral

Size: 6 x 9

Length: 212 pages

Item number: 3471

ISBN: 978-1-59982-649-3

ISBN-10: 1-59982-649-6

Editorial Reviews

Ready-To-Go Game Shows

I highly recommend these books and think that they should be in every religious education program. Be sure to check out other titles from the Ready-To-Go series that include skits, because not every kid is going to love game shows. Read the full review here.

Review by Stuart Dunn with Stuart's Study

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