Passing On the Faith, Second Edition

A Radical Model for Youth and Family Ministry 

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By Richard A. Hardel and Merton P. Strommen


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From the Introduction:

This book is about passing on the faith from generation to generation, throughout the milestones of a person's life. Faith is created and nurtured by the Holy Spirit through the Gospels. The vision underlying the RADICAL model was developed in light of the theological principle that faith is formed by the Holy Spirit through personal, trusted relationships—often, but not always, in our own homes. A youth and family ministry for the 21st century connects all the generations in the total ministry of the congregation and, through the cross of Christ, recognizes the work of the Holy Spirit shaping faith in all the circles of relationships.

This revised edition expands on the authors' original model with an all-new chapter on the circle of creation. This edition has also been updated throughout in light of new ideas and research that have emerged during the past decade.

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Customer Reviews

By Dr. Roland Martinson, professor of pastoral care and theology, Luther Seminary

Strommen's solid research combined with Hardel's imaginative ministry experience provide a rich resource for both academia and congregations. Longstanding wisdom and fresh ideas come together in an honest, holistic approach to ministry applicable in a variety of settings and faith traditions.

By Richard McCord, director of U.S. Catholic Bishops Secretariat for Family, Laity, Women, and Youth

Catholic readers will find in Passing On the Faith a strong echo and practical reinforcement of what the U.S. bishops have proposed about an integral and collaborative approach to youth ministry that honors the role of family as domestic church.

Praise for the first edition

By Rev. Kenda Creasy Dean, assistant professor of youth, church, and culture, Princeton Theological Seminary

Merton Strommen and Richard Hardel have teamed up to write a wise and weighty volume that puts family in the forefront of faith formation. They have composed a tome of theological sensitivity and practical wisdom brimming with powerful, concrete examples from communities that already enact the kind of ministry they espouse. I recommend this book wholeheartedly.

By John Roberto, president, LifelongFaith Associates

Since its publication in 2000, Passing On the Faith has become a classic. The conceptual model of youth ministry—grounded in solid research, theology, and pastoral experience—established a framework for developing a comprehensive approach to youth and family ministry. Hardel and Strommen avoid the tendency to isolate children and youth from the center of Church life by demonstrating how to connect all generations in a total congregational approach to passing on faith from generation to generation.
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