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Video: Dorothy Day

This video briefly describes the character and actions of Catholic activist Dorothy Day.


Click above to access this online resource for Live Jesus in Our Hearts: Revelation and the Old Testament.


Revelation and the Old Testament is the first semester course in the new high school series Live Jesus in Our Hearts. This series takes a fresh approach to the Framework outline, bringing in new themes such as in-depth use of scripture, extensive online resources, and an invitational, evangelizing approach.

Are you interested in seeing how we're reframing framework? Learn more about Live Jesus in Our Hearts!


Fr. James Groppi and the Historic 1967-68 Open Housing Campaign in Milwaukee

A non-audio clip providing footage of and information on Fr. James Groppi, a Milwaukee priest and winner of a Pacem In Terris Award.


10 Principles in the Social Teaching of the Church

Through pictures and quotations, this video clip underscores the central tenets of Catholic Social Teaching.


Catholic Relief Services - General Awareness Video

A video explaining the work of the Catholic Relief Services.


Of Gods and Men (2010) Trailer

Trailer of an award winning movie about the true story of a group of Trappist monks in Algeria. The trailer provides an incisive glimpse into both the daily life of a monk and the difficulties encountered by the monks in Algeria.


Digital Story - Bartolome de las Casas

This video contains readings from the journals of Bartholome de las Casas, the priest who helped alter the inhumane treatment of Native Americans by the colonizers.


Our Lady of Guadalupe: Icon of Justice

"Commitment to human life and dignity, to human rights and solidarity"; these are elements of what is commonly understood as social justice. In the Church today we have numerous "icons" we can look to in order to guide us in …


January 22: Reflection on Roe vs. Wade

I walked with George the other day, And this is what he had to say: "If this is what its come to, then I'm glad that I've passed on. For the foundation laid so long ago apparently is gone. What …


Be At Peace Among Yourselves

"Be at peace among yourselves." (1 Thessalonians 5:13) "None of us is alone in this world; each of us is a vital piece of the great mosaic of humanity as a whole." (Pope John Paul II, Israel-Palestine) Think About That …


On the Frontier of Justice in Ghana

"Africa has been the land of hope, salvation, and redemption. Abraham had come to Africa, Joseph from slave to savior. It was the land of refuge for Jesus and helped to carry his cross. Will we continue to dismiss Africa …


Patch Adams - Movie Reflection

Patch Adams is a great movie to use with students! It is the fact-based story of Hunter "Patch" Adams, the founder of the Gesundheit Clinic. Robin Williams plays the lead character with grace and skill. Synopsis: After spending some time …


U.S. Students Work for Salvadoran Students

Katie Murphy visited El Salvador in the summer of 1999 as part of the Frontiers of Justice project, a learning opportunity for Catholic high school teachers cosponsored by Catholic Relief Services and the National Catholic Educational Association's Secondary Division. Her …


Central Characteristics of Roman Catholicism

Catholicism is a remarkably rich religion, characterized by a complex tapestry of beliefs, practices, values, rituals, traditions, and more. When viewed "from the outside"--that is, by those who do not share its communal life--Catholicism is probably most frequently identified by …


Everyday Works of Mercy

Are you more Christian than you give yourself credit for being? My belief is that there are many like that--that many dedicated Christian people have compartmentalized their lives and have excluded important and central areas of their lives from what …


Columbine High's Selfless Heroes

The stories of Columbine's heroes rise like a "tide of inspiration" for this Denver mother. Starting the third laundry load, I pause, puzzled by a pin on my daughter's t-shirt. At 14, she tosses shirts into the hamper with glad …


Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Step 1: Look at the situation What exactly is happening? Why is it happening? Who is involved? What are their motives? How is it happening, that is, by what means or method? When and where is it happening? Step 2: …


Community Service Courses:

This past semester, at the end of a year-long service program at a residential treatment center for emotionally disturbed youth, two students from my community service course wrote a poem to express the significance of their experiences. These are the …

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