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Kid President - How to Change the World (a work in progress)

The video talks about how we can change the world in a positive way.


We Respond through a Life of Discipleship

This PowerPoint accompanies Unit 5, Chapter 15, by discussing what we can do to become true disciples of Jesus.


Catholic Social Teaching and the Common Good

This worksheet helps students to take notes as they read articles and make connections to the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.


I Pray

This prayer for a large group asks for our eyes to be opened to the injustices in the world and our souls to be strengthened by Christ’s presence.


What Can a Person Do?

This article gives several suggestions of how an individual can bring about distributive justice.


The Plight of the Worlds' Children

This handout provides several statistics and pieces of information about the alarming needs of children in our world.


Pushed Once Too Often

This handout presents a story about drug pushing in a school community. Students are challenged to reflect on several questions regarding the situation.


Cases to Examine: Conscience and Guilt

Read the following cases. For each one, fill in the words that describe what kind of conscience and what kind of guilt the person has. Then write a sentence or two of advice that you would give to that person.


The LISTEN Model

Briefly describe below a moral dilemma that an individual might face. For each section of the LISTEN process, fill in one or more things a person facing this dilemma might need to consider.


Which Principles Apply?

he following moral principles (described in the text on pages 58–59) can be considered basic or foundational: a. Do good; avoid evil. b. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. c. The end does not justify …


Getting to Know My Parents' Views

This checklist will help you identify how well you understand your parents’ (or guardians’) views on moral issues and whether you think that your parents understand your views on moral issues.


Cases to Examine: Moments in Competition

Read the following cases of competition and answer in writing the question for each.


Peace: A Guide to Win-Win Conflict Resolution

The PEACE process is a way to approach a conflict so that the outcome is a win- win situation, one that ensures that the good of both parties is considered and given priority. PEACE stands for problem and purpose, empathy, …


Peace: Exploring Terms

In the first blank column, express your own sense of what it means to live out the following traits. In the second blank column, explain what you think the culture teaches you it means to live out each trait. Leave …


Earth-Friendly Living

This is a scavenger hunt for earth-friendly products suitable for a bedroom: furniture, clothes, and so on. Your goal is to furnish this room in the most earth- friendly and inexpensive way you can, while still furnishing a room you …


The Eucharist in Mathari Valley

In 1986, Fr. Jim Notebaart flew to Nairobi, Kenya, to live and work as a missioner. Years later, he told an audience in the United States about an experience of Eucharist as transformation. Read this story and, on a separate …


Lazarus and the Rich Man: A Sequel

Characters: Reader, Narrator, Servant, Levi, Hannah, Isaiah, Simeon.


The Work of Art

Read the story below, and be prepared to discuss the questions that follow it.


Work and Budgeting

Fill out the first empty column in this chart to reflect a family’s monthly budget. Leave the second column blank until you receive further instruction.


Where Am I Called?

Answer the following questions about your calling.


Diversity Awareness

Read down the first column, and for each description, mark an X in all the columns that apply to you. (If there is a description you do not feel comfortable writing down, make a mental note of it and leave …


Participation in the Media

This handout lists several key questions to use when reading or viewing various media from the perspective of different groups of people. Choose one of the following groups of people, and on a separate sheet of paper, write answers to …


Choosing Life

A handout with different cases about life issues.


How Does the Culture Value Me?

A list of different roles and conditions of males and females within society.

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