Instruments of God's Grace

May this selection, from Let Us Remember: Stories of the Holy Presence of God encourage and inspire you in your good work!  


Advent Buddies

Advent Buddies: An Intergenerational Relationship-building Activity OVERVIEW This activity helps young people learn from an older person in the parish and establish a faith relationship with that person. Suggested Time: About 15 minutes for each meeting during Advent Group Size: …


The Liturgical Year

Learning Experience: The Liturgical Year (20 minutes) On a chalkboard or sheet of newsprint, draw six horizontal lines. Tell the group members that each line represents one of the Church seasons. Invite them to name the major seasons of the …


Mass to Commemorate and Celebrate the Life of Pope Saint John Paul II

In light of the Pope's passing, this Mass script offers an order of service with prayers, music suggestions, intercessions, and other materials that will make planning a meaningful celebration as simple as possible when time is limited. This Mass can …


The Offertory: The Lost Symbol in the Liturgy

When someone mentions the offertory, I often think about my weekly monetary contribution to my local parish. The venerable ushers march down the aisle with their wicker baskets, clumsily genuflect before the altar and begin weaving the baskets from left …


The Liturgy: The Source of Catholic Identity

I love the old Latin axiom lex orandi, lex credendi. Roughly translated, this means that the law of prayer is the law of faith. More simply phrased, we pray what we believe. If you want to know what Catholics believe …


Month of the Rosary: Queen of the Rosary Prayer Service

Leader +In the name of the father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. All Amen Opening Song Leader Join us, Queen of the Rosary, as we offer praise to our Father All Join us, Queen of the …


Teaching the Rite Way

Mix a little ancient Chinese with some fifth century Latin and you have "the rite thing" for teaching sacraments. Let me explain. I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand. --Ancient Chinese proverb …


Let the Church Say Amen

Amen is a cry of complete reliance, of heartfelt abandonment to something or someone that is true and trustworthy. THE TWO-SYLLABLE WORD COULD BE HEARD by all in the front quarter of the sizeable church. It was said by a …


Jesus Makes the Perfect Host

A recent classroom interchange at a Catholic university, in a history class on American Catholicism: Student: Interesting you should bring up Communion today. I just had a long argument with my parents about it. Professor: What was the argument? Student: …


A Note on Kneeling

IT WASN'T UNTIL I COULD NO LONGER kneel that I began to savor the lovely simplicity of this ancient act, and guess at its provenance, and savor its humility, and notice it not only in Mass but in many other …


A Thousand Teenagers Singing at Mass?

Every August, despite our enthusiasm to bring fresh ideas to our classrooms and curriculum, the same question lingers for us as we plan for another year of all-school liturgies: How do we get a thousand teenagers to sing at Mass? …

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