A Prayer for His Holiness

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Here is a brief prayer for His Holiness that can be used to begin your classes, sessions or meetings.

Lord God,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
We lift up in prayer Pope Francis,
The successor of Peter,
The Bishop of Rome,
Our Holy Father,
The Vicar of Christ on Earth.

He has been called to lead your Church.
Strengthen him to be a witness to the world of your saving grace,
Guide him to lead your children with pastoral care and conviction,
Bless his evangelical mission to those in need of your Word,
And hold him close as he enters with his whole being into your work.

As one body,
As one family,
As your most sacred creation and children
We lift up our brother Pope Francis
And pray for his vocation and life.
May we see him as a guiding light and our most Holy Father.



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Published April 20, 2005.