Divorce and Beyond Facilitator Guide

What Is Divorce and Beyond? This program Is a self-help group. That means there are no "leaders," "teachers," "counselors" or "healers." The main responsibility for what happens during the ten recommended sessions rests with the group itself. Some information is provided in the brief reflections and exercises in the book, but the primary source of learning Is the sharing of experiences, feelings and in­sights among the people attending the discussions. Growth will come from what each member chooses to do with what he or she has learned. 

Here are some simple directions for facilitators on or­ganizing, running and evaluating the Divorce and Beyond program in your parish, congregation or other organiza­tion. The strength of this program is the willingness and ability of the participants to share with each other what they are going through. The Job of the facilitator is to allow that sharing to take place in a non-threatening and supportive environment. 

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