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Jesus’ Vision for His Followers

This activity asks students to illustrate the organization of the Church by filling in the title of the group or role described in each box.


What Biblical Images Reveal about God’s Relationship with His People

Students will examine seven different images of God’s people used in the Bible, and describe what each image reveals about God’s relationship with his people.


From the Apostles to Us

Students create a storyboard to show how God is revealed in Sacred Tradition.


Final Performance Tasks for Unit 1

Two possible projects to assess student understanding of concepts learned in Unit 1.


Hugh's Life, My Life

After reading the fictional story of Hugh in the textbook, use the chart below to reflect on the similarities and differences in the faith life of Hugh and you!


The Wise Old Man on the Porch

A personal story about seeing the Church as a wise elder sitting on a porch.


The Holy Trinity

Descriptions of each person of the trinity.


We'd Like to Know: Possible Questions While Visiting Other Churches

In your visit to a different Christian Church, be prepared to ask the church’s representative some thoughtful questions about what they believe, their mission, and their worship. Here are some questions to start with. You might also think of other …


Beliefs Practices and Attitudes

The beliefs, practices, and attitudes of the Catholic faith.


Five Models of the Church

Answer the following questions about the models of the Church.


Marks of the Church

Write at least two examples of ways that the Church and you model the four Marks of the Church.


Created in God’s Image

You will be guided through this handout, taking notes and answering questions as directed in your class.


Core Beliefs Practices and Attitudes of the Catholic Faith

Each statement below is a core belief of the Catholic faith. Choose a symbol (“I get it,” “I’m unsure,” or “I don’t get it”) that best reflects your understanding of each belief. Then briefly explain what you might know about …


Secular Institutes

A worksheet completed in groups about the history, role, and characteristics of secular institutes.


Exploring Religious Orders and Congregations

A research assignment worksheet done in pairs to find important information about different religious orders.


Inspirations and Charisms Worksheet

A partially independent and partially group completed worksheet for students to fill out about the inspirations and charisms of a particular religious congregation or order.


A Conversation about the Future of Priestly Ministry

A worksheet with questions about the future of priestly ministry.


The Effects of the Sacrament of Holy Orders

A worksheet completed in groups about the effects of the Sacrament of Holy Orders from both the book and the student’s personal knowledge.


The Sacrament of Holy Orders Graphic Organizer

A worksheet completed in groups about the symbolic words and actions that take place during the Rite of Ordination, as well as their meaning and effect.


The Formation of a Priest

While watching the PowerPoint “The Formation of a Priest”, the students must fill out this worksheet by filling in the blanks.


Mary, Queen of Peace

A list of several questions regarding the Blessed Virgin Mary that can be used as writing or reflection prompts.


The List of Popes

A full list of all of the Popes with links to information about each Pope.

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