Theological Foundations, Revised Edition

Concepts and Methods for Understanding Christian Faith 

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Edited by J.J. Mueller, SJ, PhD

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Introduces Students to the Basics of Christian Theology, Covering its Development through the Ages and across Cultures

Theological Foundations: Concepts and Methods for Understanding Christian Faith, Revised Edition is a thorough, concise, and comprehensive introductory theology text that has been revised with customer requests in mind. This prominent book on theology begins with a new introduction that centers the text on the Mystery of God. Its 12 body chapters unfold Christian theology by exploring its roots in the sacred Scriptures; discussing the New Testament and other early Christian literature; and interweaving Christology and ecclesiology with the signs, symbols, and Seven Sacraments of the Church. Social justice issues figure prominently in the text, as does Catholicism's relationship with Judaism and Islam. Sub-disciplines of Catholic theology also address the Church's mission in the world, as well as moral issues. Ultimately, the text describes the changing contours of Christianity in the modern era, with an emphasis on Protestantism, Evangelicalism, and Fundamentalism.

An important advantage to this text is its instruction for students in conducting valid theological research. To help students understand terms, concepts, and vocabulary, as well as the development of the tradition through the ages and across cultures, the book incorporates a significant library research component that introduces students to basic research skills.

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Copyright: Sept. 1, 2011

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