May 28, 2023 

Pentecost Sunday

Saint of the day

Saint Bernard of Montjoux (923-1008)

Saint Bernard of Montjoux was ordained a priest and spent over four decades doing missionary work in the Alps. He constructed schools, churches, and two hospices to help lost travelers. The men who ran the hospices became Augustinian canons regular and established a monastery. Large Saint Bernard dogs that search for lost people in the mountains are named after this saint. Saint Bernard of Montjoux is the patron saint of skiers and mountain climbers.


Saint Bernard of Montjoux had a faith that was not solely spiritual. His faith demanded that he spread and develop both an intimate spiritual union with God and various good works and deeds. His faith led to many good actions, including the building of schools, churches, and hospices. What good works does your faith lead you to?


Dear Jesus, please help my faith create good works.

Liturgical season information

Lectionary: 62, 62S, 63

Place in Year: Easter

Color of decorations and priest's vestments:

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