In Touch with the Word: Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter

Lectionary-Based Prayer Reflections 

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By Lisa-Marie Calderone-Stewart


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We often go to church on Sunday, then lose touch with God's word amid the craziness of our weekly routine. This series helps the entire family stay in touch with the word proclaimed in liturgy.

For every Sunday in these four special seasons of the Church year, this book offers three sets of prayerful reflections that parallel the lectionary: one for adults, one for teens, and one for small children. A thematic index is included for easy reference.

These books are ideal for liturgy planning, and they're perfect for helping the entire family stay focused on prayer—all week long.

Product Details

Publisher: Saint Mary's Press

Copyright: Aug. 3, 2004

Format: Paperback

Size: 6 x 9

Length: 208 pages

Item number: 3804

ISBN: 978-0-88489-857-3

ISBN-10: 0-88489-857-1

Customer Reviews

By Dr. Maureen Gallagher, archbishop's delegate for parishes, Diocese of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

One of the unique characteristics of this book, along with reflections on the lectionary readings, is the inclusion of a focusing object. Besides lending insights into the Scriptures, the focusing object trains people to see symbolically. In doing so, it enhances the ability to see more than meets the eye, to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, the sacred in the secular.

By Thomas N. Tomaszek, MEd, MTS, consultant to the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry's Prayer and Worship Project Team

Lisa-Marie is definitely in touch with the needs of young people and families—and how they approach the Word of God. In Touch with the Word will not only help various generations in praying the Scriptures, but will also assist homilists in making the Word come alive in their preaching.
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