March 12, 2023 

Third Sunday of Lent

Saint of the day

Saint Maximilian of Theveste (d.296)

Maximilian was the son of a Roman soldier. At age 21 he was brought to court and ordered to be enrolled as a soldier--such was the law of the empire. "I refuse to accept military service," he said. "My army is the army of God, and I cannot fight for this world." Dio, the proconsul, or governor, of the region, noted correctly that many Christians were serving the empire. "That is their business," said Maximilian. "I am a Christian too, and I cannot serve." Dio told Maximilian's father to correct his son. "He knows what he believes, and he won't change his mind," said the father, whose name is lost. Dio told Maximilian that he would die unless he changed his mind. "I shall not die," said Maximilian. "When I leave this earth I shall live with Christ." Dio sentenced him to death. He said farewell to his friends and to his father, and he was beheaded. His father, say the annals, went home joyfully, thanking God for having allowed him to send such a gift to heaven. (Taken from "Saints Passionate and Peculiar.")


Saint Maximilian refused to do anything that would compromise his Christian faith, even though other Christians were serving the empire as soldiers. Do you refuse to do things that conflict with your Christian beliefs, even though they may be legal, and other Christians may be partaking in them? Ask the Lord to help you stay true to your faith, and serve the Lord through actions that you know to be right and just.


Christ, light of the world, help me see clearly the path and the people to follow. Let me be strong enough not to follow those who would lead me away from you. (Taken from “Take Ten: Daily Bible Reflections for Teens.”)

Liturgical season information

Lectionary: 28

Place in Year: Lent

Color of decorations and priest's vestments: Violet

Daily readings

Reading I: Ex 17:3-7

Responsorial Psalm: 95:1-2, 6-7, 8-9

Reading II: Rom 5:1-2, 5-8

Verse Before the Gospel: Cf. Jn 4:42, 15

Gospel: Jn 4:5-42

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